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    Linea PB’s zenith has been reached with KB90. Baristas at the world’s busiest establishments will appreciate the improvements made to this machine’s ergonomics and functions.

    La Marzocco is widely regarded as one of the most reputable makers of espresso coffee machines on a global scale, and the new KB90 raises the bar for excellence when it comes to coffee equipment. The KB90 has a stunning look that is reminiscent of the well-known Linea PB, and it also incorporates many of the same components and elements that have been tried and proven.

    Additionally, ergonomic straight-in portafilters and separate brew boilers per group head are available as optional extras, in addition to features like insulated twin boilers and dual PID controllers. The latest straight-in portafilters not only improve speed and efficiency but also lessen the physical strain placed on baristas. The La Marzocco machine’s legendary dependability and the most up-to-date technology make it the ideal barista machine.

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    Features and Accessories:

    • Reduces pressure on the barista by a factor of 12 by eliminating the need for several moves to activate the portafilter. Baristas at high-volume coffee shops must be quick and efficient if they are to meet demand at peak periods. Straight-in Portafilters reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries in baristas by streamlining their normal process and increasing their productivity.
    • To maintain the group clean even at peak periods, the steam boiler is utilised to purge the brew route after each extraction, followed by a flush with hot water. Using this new technology, baristas may do fewer backflushes during service since the amount of coffee residue they have to clean out of the group is reduced.
    • Using two separate boilers maximises the quality of the espresso and the quantity of steam produced.
    • Independent Boilers: Since each group head has its own boiler, the barista can adjust the temperature of each coffee to taste.
    • Control the temperature of your coffee and steam boilers with a single PID (coffee and steam).
    • Saturated Groups: Make sure that the temperature stays the same shot after shot.
    • Thermal Stability System (TSS) – The temperature is stabilised as water travels through each element.
    • Boilers with insulation save energy while maintaining a steady temperature.
    • Maintaining cleanliness between extractions, the Steam Flush uses an automated blast of steam and hot water flush.
    • Touchless, high-performance steam wands.
    • Repairing the steam valve is made simple thanks to an innovative design that allows it to be repaired without having to be removed from the machine.
    • Using the Hot Water Economizer, you may adjust the temperature of the water you use for tea.
    • Intuitive programming and a digital display make it simple to change machine settings.
    • Barista Lights: LED lighting lets you concentrate on the coffee and the cup..


    Are your machines thoroughly tested?

    Yes, each and every La Marzocco machine is put through its paces on the bench, and we can help you get it all set up.

    Are machines covered by warranties?

    Coffee Parts offers a 12-month guarantee on non-consumable parts for all new commercial equipment. Please be aware that commercial machines do not include labour coverage.

    Is financing available for the machines?

    When it comes to machine financing, we make use of Flexirent and Silverchef. To learn more, please contact us at 1300 129 129.

    About Brand

    La Marzocco invented and patented the first horizontal boiler coffee machine in 1939. This was one of a number of improvements, such as the a double framework with saturated brewery groups. Tradition and dedication to quality and dependability have always characterized the organization. Even now, highly skilled staff supervises each step of hand-crafted machine manufacture. Giuseppe Bambi’s expertise and pride remain alive after 80 years. La Marzocco maintains an artisan enterprise while giving clients and the industry technological advances.

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