Gaggia Carezza

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    The Gaggia Carezza is designed and made in Italy. It is a premium quality product with an expression of a never-ending passion for coffee art.

    Gaggia Carezza comes with a perfect and compact machine with a combination of accessibility and sleek design with traditional aesthetics.

    This premium quality machine has a pre-brewing technology, a boiler temperature display, and other amazing technical features that make it best for the espresso lovers.

    • The integrated temperature gauge constantly monitors the water temperature in the boiler.
    • The pre-brewing option can deliver a more intense flavor by adding moist ground coffee before the actual brewing.
    • The “crema perfetta” filter of this machine delivers a creamy layer to your espresso.
    • The alert in the machine tells you when the descaling is needed to ensure perfect maintenance.
    • The machine has its own automatic rinsing cycle which is activated when you turn it on or when it shuts off automatically.

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    • 58mm portafilter
    • Steam wand
    • A display
    • Cup warmer
    • Rotary vane pump
    • Anti-burn steam wand
    • Transparent and removable water tank
    • Integrated Filter
    • Dry puck feature
    • 3-way valve
    • Pre-infusion function
    • Hot water outlet
    • Thermosiphon system


    1. When should I backflush my espresso machine?

    You should do backflushing every day. It must be a daily cleaning habit for the best results. However, the home machines require backflushing once a week.

    1. Can I use vinegar to descale my Gaggia Carezza?

    A solution made with vinegar, lemon juice, or citric acid, with water or you can use a commercial descaling rinse to remove the minerals build up in your machine.

    About Brand

    Gaggia is one of the most iconic brands of Italy that came into being in Milan in 1930. Gaggia has been delivering its products to both bars and homes for more than half a century. Its innovative, state-of-the-art coffee machines are now famous all over the world. Gaggia’s creations are mostly inspired by the Italian passion “La Dolce Vita”.

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