Gaggia Baby

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    Gaggia Baby gives a professional espresso performance every day. It is the most iconic manual espresso machine since 1977. Gaggia Baby is the first household coffee machine and comes with a professional pressurized filter holder, a rotating milk frother, and a stainless-steel body.

    This version of Gaggia is equipped with an advanced innovative dosing system. This system lets you set the exact amount of coffee that goes into the cup. It is a classic choice to keep at home.

    Gaggia Baby is not an average coffee machine. This machine allows you to steam or froth the milk to make other coffee drinks from an espresso.

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    • Electronic control panel Touch-Ring
    • 58MM Portafilter
    • Steam Wand
    • Transparent and removable water tank
    • Hot water outlet
    • Dry puck feature
    • 3-way valve
    • Pre-infusion function
    • Stainless steel body


    1. How does a grind influence the taste of the coffee?

    The grind of the coffee beans strongly influences the taste of the coffee. If the beans are fine grounded, you will experience a stronger taste and if they are coarser, the coffee taste will be milder.

    1. What is the best way to store coffee?

    The best way to store the coffee is to keep it in a clean airtight container.

    About Brand

    Gaggia is one of the most iconic brands of Italy that came into being in Milan in 1930. Gaggia has been delivering its products to both bars and homes for more than half a century. Its innovative, state-of-the-art coffee machines are now famous all over the world. Gaggia’s creations are mostly inspired by the Italian passion “La Dolce Vita”.

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