Commercial Coffee Machine: VA Eagle One White

  • Commercial Coffee Machine: VA Eagle One White

    Posted by Syed on September 1, 2022 at 6:35 am

    Introducing the newly designed NEO engine, which only heats the quantity of water that is required for extraction by using fast heating and innovative insulation in order to reduce the amount of energy that it consumes overall.

    Introducing the newly built NEO engine, which only warms enough quantity of water that is necessary for extraction by using rapid heating and clever insulation in order to reduce the amount of energy that it uses overall. This is accomplished in order to save money. This new technology, when combined with the patent-protected TERS system Temperature Energy Recovery System, which helps make use of liquid waste to heat it up feed water, results in an ecological consequences that is 23 percent lower when compared to other machines which fall into the very same category as them in the Life Cycle Assessment. In addition, because once tried to compare to other computers that fall into the same category as them in the LCA, this new technology has a lower environmental impact.

    Features and Accessories:

    • COOL TOUCH WAND The cool touch wand features a unique insulation that shields the user from the heat generated by the foaming action while milk is being prepared.
    • EASY CREAM is a feature that enables the milk to be frothed in an easy and expedient manner.
    • GROUP COVER is an improvement that makes the group keyboard easier to use and adds a display so that users can monitor their machine’s information. It offers a high degree of control over the extraction process.
    • DISPLAY TOUCH – It is possible to make changes to the settings even while using the mobile APP if you have the Display Touch feature.


    Are your machines thoroughly tested?

    Yes, each and every Kees van der Westen Spirit machines is put through its paces on the bench, and we can help you get it all set up.

    Are machines covered by warranties?

    Coffee Parts offers a 12-month guarantee on non-consumable parts for all new commercial equipment. Please be aware that commercial machines do not include labour coverage.

    Is financing available for the machines?

    When it comes to machine financing, we make use of Flexirent and Silverchef. To learn more, please contact us at 1300 129 129.

    About Brand

    Design and technology have come together to produce a machine that is very small, has a stunning basic look, is easy to use, and is guaranteed to have great performance and efficiency.

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