Bezzera Matrix Coffee Machines

  • Bezzera Matrix Coffee Machines

    Posted by Syed on November 15, 2022 at 3:16 pm

    Bezzera Matrix

    The Bezzera Matrix is a state-of-the-art domestic coffee machine. The Matrix has a big dual boiler setup paired with a dual digital PID meaning you can take full control of your espresso and steam temperature. The electronic display allows you to take full control of the machine; You can even change the colour of the light up side panels!

    The Matrix has a quiet Rotary pump and a big 4L water tank meaning you can use either the water tank or your own plumbing system for water supply.


    Dual boiler machine

    Light up side panels

    Wood grain handle and quick touch levers

    Available in either a Lever model (Manual dosage) or an Electronic model (Volumetric dosage)

    Digital dual PID

    Automatic backflush program

    Settable pre-infusion


    Dual Boiler (1.05 Steam / 0.45L Brew)

    4L water tank

    Rotary pump

    Weight: 36KG

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