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    PID technology is included into the V358 White Eagle DIGIT single-boiler system. The White Eagle has a design that is unique, attractive, and inventive. It also brings relief for the barista, dependability and accuracy in the technologies that are used, and of course, it is environmentally friendly.

    The White Eagle is the most cutting-edge machine for producing espresso in the future. Innovative technology and aesthetic features are combined with the time-honored traditions of the companies, which together hold the whole of espresso coffee’s past. a steam wand with a cool touch. The cutting-edge technique that not only ensures cleaning but also protects against burns. The barista will have an easier time cleaning, and they will be safer doing so.

    Even while it is providing steam, the new wand with the cool touch feature that was added on the V358 White Eagle maintains its frigid temperature. As a result, there is little possibility that the barista would suffer from scalding, and cleaning procedures are simplified as a result of the absence of milk encrustation.

    Features and Accessories:

    • Through the use of Easycream technology, any barista is able to consistently produce superb flat whites and cappuccinos with a velvety texture.
    • The VA358 White Eagle is a machine that is entirely constructed out of aluminum and steel. The hull has the appearance of eagle wings due to the sides being composed of aluminum slats in a lattice pattern.
    • To guarantee that the barista can complete their task in a timely manner while maintaining a high level of comfort and safety, each control on the machine has been crafted with a combination of aesthetic and practical design elements.


    Are your machines thoroughly tested?

    Yes, each and every Kees van der Westen Spirit machines is put through its paces on the bench, and we can help you get it all set up.

    Are machines covered by warranties?

    Coffee Parts offers a 12-month guarantee on non-consumable parts for all new commercial equipment. Please be aware that commercial machines do not include labour coverage.

    Is financing available for the machines?

    When it comes to machine financing, we make use of Flexirent and Silverchef. To learn more, please contact us at 1300 129 129.

    About Brand

    Design, ergonomics for baristas and baristas themselves, technology accuracy and dependability are all hallmarks of the White Eagle. It’s also eco-friendly. The White Eagle espresso machine is a cutting-edge piece of technology. The best of both worlds: cutting-edge technology and aesthetic appeal combine with the rich heritage of the coffee maker companies.

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