Melitta Perfect Clean Milk System Liquid

  • Melitta Perfect Clean Milk System Liquid

    Posted by Syed on November 2, 2022 at 8:18 am

    Melitta Perfect Clean Milk System Cleaner is a 250ml Liquid cleaner to hygienically and efficiently clean the milk system in your fully automatic coffee machine. The specifically designed liquid is ideal for milk systems and removes Milk deposits gently. Once used, all milk scum is removed and the best coffee flavour is guaranteed.

    Perfect Clean Liquid just needs to be mixed with water to quickly and easily clean the milk system. Level markings on the side of the bottle conveniently help you measure the correct amount of 50ml doses for an individual cleaning cycle.

    In use the Melitta Perfect Clean Liquid you’ll gain control of consistently high-quality coffee on your machine and avoid unnecessary breakdowns. The Liquid is designed to leave no residual taste or odors in the machine.

    Melitta Perfect Clean Milk System Liquid FEATURES

    High Performance Cleaning – A complete clean of your milk lines in the machine is important to keep it running at its best.

    Gentle and Effective – Designed for Automatic Domestic Espresso Machines, in cleaning the Milk Lines and automatic functions.

    Portion Controlled – Level Marking on the side of the Bottle assist with the ideal amount for each use.

    Easy to Use – Cleaning your appliance regularly not only improves the flavour of the coffee but also increases the lifetime of the appliance.

    No Residual Taste or Odor – Specifically formulated to be soft and gentle on machines, give the best clean and leave no trace.


    • 5 x 50ml x Melitta Perfect Clean Milk System Cleaning Cycles


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