Melitta Perfect Clean Espresso Tabs

  • Melitta Perfect Clean Espresso Tabs

    Posted by Syed on November 2, 2022 at 7:20 am

    Melitta Perfect Clean’s 4 x 1.8g tablets are designed to hygienically and efficiently clean the Coffee system in your fully automatic coffee machine. Use to remove Coffee oils and scum that can be the result of daily use over time. These tabs can be used regularly and are specifically formulated to be gentle on all materials and your machine.

    Conveniently portioned PERFECT CLEAN tabs are easy to use. They are also odour neutral. Using PERFECT CLEAN tabs leads to an improvement in the quality of your coffee.

    Perfect Clean Tabs just need to be placed into your machine’s brewing head as per the manual on your machine and quickly and easily it will begin to work away from any build-up form within the system.

    In using the Melitta Perfect Clean tabs you’ll gain control of consistently high-quality coffee on your machine and avoid unnecessary breakdowns. The Tablets are designed to leave no residual taste or odors in the machine.

    Melitta Perfect Clean Espresso Tabs FEATURES

    High Performance Cleaning – A complete clean of your Brewing Head.

    Gentle and Effective – Designed for Automatic Domestic Espresso Machines.

    Portion Controlled – 4 x 1.8g tablets for the right amount each time.

    Easy to Use – Meaning you’re likely to cleaning your appliance more regularly.

    No Residual Taste or Odors – Formulated to be soft and gentle on machines.


    • 4 x 1.8g Melitta Perfect Clean Tablets


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