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  • Delter Complete Starter Bundle

    Posted by Syed on August 24, 2022 at 11:28 am

    Brew fast smooth coffee anywhere with the Delter Complete Starter Bundle including a Coffee Grinder and Reusable Stainless Fitler. Delter Coffee Press is the first coffee maker designed from the ground up, to solve one of the biggest coffee brewing problems-agitation. Uncontrolled agitation results in bitter coffee and inconsistent extraction. Delter’s unique Jet-Seal keeps the brew water and coffee grounds separated preventing uncontrolled agitation. Water contact is activated by actuating the Jet-Seal with pressure, offering complete control over water flow and agitation. The result is an exceptional cup like no other. Less bitterness with more clarity.

    A unique Jet-Seal separates the brew water and coffee – stopping unwanted agitation and offering next-level brewing possibilities. The Delter Coffee Press is the first coffee maker to use a process we call “Injection Brewing“, a completely new brew method we developed after countless hours of experiments. This works by infusing hot water into the coffee grounds under pressure, for improved control and consistency.

    AB Staff 2019 Top Pick!Our results? Less bitterness, more clarity, and most importantly – better taste.Brew guide

    • To brew with the Delter Coffee Press, you only need freshly roasted beans, water just off the boil, and a grinder.
    • The plunger can be raised to dose to the exact brew water required. Water and coffee contact is activated by downward pressure, for controlled water flow and agitation.
    • You can raise the plunger again to re-dose, or refill the brew chamber for larger double batch servings. The result is an exceptional cup of coffee, that can be brewed faster, with less bitterness, and more clarity.


    Jet Seal — The unique Jet Seal prevents any unwanted agitation during brewing

    Injection Brewing — With water and coffee seperate until you’re ready to start brewing using injection brewing

    Simply to Clean — Cleaning Delter is a breeze (literally), taking. only minutes with water

    Ultra-Portable — Weighing less then 250g the Delter is ideal for camping, plane, travel, office or just at home!

    Pocketable Design — Compact and portable for coffee anywhere.


    • 1 x Delter Coffee Press
    • 1 x Rhinowares Grinder (Compact 22g Capacity or Tall 42g Capacity)
    • 1 x Ten Mile Stainless Fitler
    • 100 x Paper Filters
    • Dosing Cap


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