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  • Niche Zero Grinder

    Posted by Syed on August 25, 2022 at 10:20 am

    The Niche Zero Coffee Grinder approaches grinding your coffee as fresh as possible in an entirely new way. You’ll brew better tasting coffee by controlling elements that are often absent in other coffee grinders workflow.

    The Niche Zero uses a direct grind pathway for dosing your coffee which achieves zero grind retention of coffee caught in the chute. As you only grind exactly the amount of beans you need each time, you have the freedom to store your beans in an airtight container and maximise the freshness for each delicious cup of coffee.

    Along with that the Niche Zero has the full range of grind settings available, using a stepless adjustment that can grind well for espresso and moka pot coffee which requires very fine grinds; but can equally grind quality particle sizes for drip coffee and other filter-style coffee brewing methods.

    Using an optimised burr speed the Niche produces a low grind particle size distribution and is a quiet grinder that operates at 72dB. With uncomplicated controls using the Niche Zero it will be a pleasure grinding your tasty coffee rather than a messy loud chore. Not to forget the overall look and design of the Niche is the perfect fit for any modern home coffee setup.

    Ideal for: Home Espresso and Filter Coffee Connoisseurs


    Zero Grind Retention – With no more waste you’ll get exactly the same grind out as you put in.

    Grind as you need – Keeping your coffee at its freshest is best done in air-tight containers. No mroe stalling beans in the hopper.

    63mm Conical Burrs – The Niche Zero Grinder has premium 63mm conical burrs, normally only found in commercial, high end grinders.

    Compact Design – Simple on-off switch and grind size guide on the adjustment colloer gives you complete control over the grinder.

    Silent and Controlled Motor – Under 72dB during grinding with burr speeds ideal for the sweetest cup of coffee.

    NFC Disk Included – The Niche Flow Control Disk eliminates pop-corning in the hopper and ensures the beans grind more consistently.

    Easy Burr Maintenance– Designed to make cleaning simple for everyone. Aligning is 100% correct every time.

    Commercial Grade – Built for professionals baristas but design compact for homes.


    • Niche Zero Coffee Grinder
    • 50 gram Dosing Cup
    • Flow Control Disk (NFC)


    • Cast Aluminium, Hardwood Trim
    • Dimensions: 31x21x12 cm
    • Power: 230v | 50Hz (Australian Plug)
    • Weight: 4kg
    • Burrs: 63mm Conical Burrs
    • Speed To Grind: 1.5g/s fine (espresso), 1.8g/s medium (chemex), 2.1g/s coarse (French press)
    • Grinding Capacity: 50 grams
    • Stepless Grinding

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