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    Posted by Syed on August 25, 2022 at 10:52 am

    Brew home espresso like the pros with the new 2019 model Macap M2M Grinder. Featuring 50mm flat burrs, on-demand grinding, and a stepless grind collar, it’s a steller entry-level grinder for newcomers to delicious home espresso.

    2018 model improvements include micrometric grind settings that give you commercial-level grind size precision, a stronger portafilter rest, and a smoother grind setting adjustment dial.

    The M2M’s 50mm steel flat burrs produce espresso grounds that are uniform and consistent at a rate of 1g per second. A stepless grind collar allows you to ‘dial in’ the grind to find the perfect setting by not limiting you to just a handful of settings. The gear is continuous, giving you virtually limitless grind settings (and pro-level control).

    Grind on-demand with the grinding button directly into your portafilter. The fork that holds the portafilter in place can be adjusted to fit any portafilter size or shape.

    Ideal For: Newcomers To Home Espresso

    Macap M2M Grinder Features

    50mm Flat Burrs — Deliver cafe-grade espresso grounds with consistency and uniformity at a rate of 1g/s.

    On-Demand Grinding — Grinds only when you need fresh grounds, reducing waste over time.

    Stepless Grind Collar — Allows you to ‘dial in’ your grind like a pro barista by not limiting you to a preset number of settings, and upgraded to be smoother and clearer in the 2018 model.

    NEW Micrometric Settings — Improved 2018 model features powerful micrometric grind settings that give commercial-level precision to home users.

    Adjustable Portafilter Fork — Can fit any home espresso machine’s portafilter.

    This product includes:

    • 1 x Macap M2M Grinder

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