Replacement Knock Bar for Black Classic Knock Box

  • Replacement Knock Bar for Black Classic Knock Box

    Posted by Syed on September 8, 2022 at 10:07 am

    This robust wooden knock bar sits firmly in place and can easily be removed for cleaning and replacement. This replacement knock bar suits the Joe Frex Brown Classic Knock Box SKU: JF-KCS.

    For the professional barista, office and home users of espresso machines it is essential to use a stable and solid knock bin for the quick disposal of coffee grounds. The quality and stability of the knock bin is important when knocking out the coffee puck from the portafilter. Joe Frex are manufacturers and suppliers of quality espresso tools and coffee equipment, their range of knock bins represents one of their specialities, and they constantly strive to develop and design innovative products.


    • Colour/pattern: Black Exterior
    • Materials: Painted Wood
    • Care instructions: Not dishwasher safe
    • Dimensions: 12cm Length x 2cm Diameter
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