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What Is Good Customer Service In A Coffee Shop?

If you run a coffee business that is having trouble satisfying its customers, there is still reason for optimism. If you put these six suggestions for providing excellent customer service at a coffee shop into practice, you can expect an influx of good feedback.

Customers will notice if the personnel at your coffee shop need to act more relaxed and have fun; if they do, the ambiance at your business will be less enjoyable for them and the customers. And ultimately, it is your staff who are responsible for the quality of service that is provided to your consumers.

Many different aspects go into providing good customer service, and it all begins with the company’s founders, moves on through management, and then lands with the workers who spend the most time interacting directly with consumers and are responsible for customer feedback. The following are the best six techniques to ensure that your staff is providing the highest possible level of service to your customers:

1. Maintain a happy and healthy workforce by caring for its members

Leaders may set the tone for a positive work environment by providing for their employees’ health and well-being. If your workers feel they are being cared for at the ownership and management levels, they will be far more likely to put their best foot forward while representing themselves and your company.

If your coffee shop serves food in addition to coffee or is in a bustling part of town, you know how stressful working there can be. Customers could purchase various ice cream desserts, donuts, and specialty coffee beverages at the coffee shop where I worked.

There were moments when only two of us were working, yet many customers ordered ice cream and specialty lattes. The line would become longer and longer, and no matter how hard we tried, we just needed to muster more enthusiasm to treat every client as if they were an old friend to provide quality customer support.

If we had a manager there to assist us in navigating the rush, or if the owner had seen that two workers needed to be more to handle everything we sold and yet provide outstanding service, we might have avoided the problem entirely.

2.Make sure you choose the correct employees.

An in-depth conversation with a potential employee for a position at a coffee shop might reveal a lot about that person. Conduct a formal interview in addition to an on-the-job interview. Test a potential worker’s demeanor with clients by having them visit the establishment during a less busy period.

A person who isn’t cut out for this kind of employment can only simulate the look and voice of a customer care representative for so long before they are discovered. If you’ve ever worked in a field that required you to interact with the public, you’ll know what I’m talking about. You will get a good sense of a potential employee’s natural customer service qualities — or the lack thereof if you let them work for the complete shift before hiring them.

3. Ensure that your workforce is well-trained.

Although training for customer service at a coffee shop might be elusive at times, it should permeate all aspects of your foundational education. Before being placed in front of a client, your staff must be familiar with whatever protocols you have established, such as how personnel should greet customers, how discounts and refunds are to be given, how drinks should taste, etc.

In addition to customer service training, maintaining your education is key to giving exceptional service.  Managers and owners should handle day-to-day operations like stocking shelves, placing orders, and making schedules, so employees can do without having to.

When it comes to the other workers, they should be aware of how to create every coffee drink that is listed on the menu, as well as the specifics of every form of baked product or food item that is available, as well as the locations of the various storage areas, the other staff members, and the hierarchy of the organization.

When I was initially training, the manager had me produce every form of coffee drink, ice cream product (ice cream doughnut sandwich, milkshake, affogato), and doughnut, including pricing variances and packaging. Because of this, personnel could quickly pick up the ropes and provide precise assistance to consumers more reasonably while maintaining their self-assurance.

4. Ensure that your coffee business has enough employees

Small coffee shops can only sometimes access an extensive personnel roster for scheduling purposes. Several causes explain this. Planning the right amount of personnel at any particular time may take time and effort. However, as the company owner, it is your responsibility to anticipate peak business periods and schedule accordingly.
On Black Friday, for instance, when hundreds of people will be out shopping and will probably stop at the cafe to refuel themselves, it may not be a wise option only to timetable two people to work at the coffee shop. It is especially true if the cafe is located in an area with many other retail stores.
If there is a sufficient number of staff members, it will ensure that no one is entirely swamped with work during their whole shift. Because of this, it will be considerably more challenging to satisfy the requirements of our consumers and provide them with the best possible experience at our coffee shop.

good staff

5. Encourage efforts to get to know the individual consumers

A lot of frequent customers will begin frequenting a neighborhood coffee shop as soon as it becomes a popular destination. A particular sort of customer walks in, has a brief conversation with staff, places their order, gives a tip, and exits the establishment with a grateful expression.

Another kind of customer is the one who comes in a while on the phone, pays at the register without saying a word, and then departs.

I’ve dealt with both kinds, and I can tell you that it’s challenging to provide the same level of care to both types of consumers. How can someone deliver a “great” customer experience to a non-customer?

However, if personnel are familiar with the consumers that walk through the door, they can provide a more personalized level of service. A client who calls rather than walks in demands a different kind of assistance from the sales staff than an upbeat regular. 

6. Recognize that you are prone to making errors.

This piece of advice is the greatest I can provide, and it circles back around to the concept that effective customer service starts at the very top. Employees will have greater faith in their abilities and make fewer errors overall if they know that making one or even three mistakes would not result in dismissal.

In the case that an error does take place, it is important to encourage staff to report it straightforwardly. I can’t even begin to count the number of times that one of my coworkers or I had to apologize to a customer and explain that we had made a mistake and would have to start again. The majority of the time, the client was courteous and understanding.

Admitting that one has made a mistake is helpful, as is explaining to a client what is going on and why they will have to wait a bit longer than usual. It demonstrates that the workers care about the consumers and want to provide them with the highest possible product and service.


Customers are essential for the survival of a coffee shop, which is why providing excellent service to your clientele for customer satisfaction is critical to your company’s growth. However, the company would not be able to function without its workers; hence, ensuring that staff is provided with enough support and encouragement is critical to providing satisfactory customer service.

If you are still having trouble, several resources provide examples of effective customer service. If you implement the six suggestions above at your coffee shop, you can keep your staff and your customer s need satisfied.

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